Chakra Mudra Guided Meditation


Right here, I wanted to share with you today a chakra inspired meditation. This is using what we call hand mood dress.

So hand

mudras are shapes that you make with your hands that help to focus your mind and challenge or direct your energy in a particular way. So each of the different seven key chakras have different hand mudras associated with them. So I’m just going to show you these fast, you might find during the meditation that you may be open your eyes a couple of times, just to see the handshape. Don’t get too worried about whether it’s exactly right or wrong. It’s much more about the intention that you bring to it as much as exactly how you place your hands. So starting with the root chakra, Mooladhara chakra, which is about feeling and grounded, safe and secure. So the mercury is for that as when you bring your son and your index finger lightly to talk that you’re holding a grain of rice in them. Lay the other thing is apt. And then

after that we move on to the

mudras was status Donna chakra the sacral area, you put your left hand and gently on the bottom right hand just sits on top. Then you connect the thumbs making the sort of soft

cup shape. So I’d

started chat Curtis about a creativity, sensuality our ability to go with the flow, and we move up into the navel center man poor chakra. And for that you bring all of the fingers touch,

separate the heel of the hand and press

the fingers together even a series called Hakimi mergers, also the merger of concentration. So then from the naval center, that place of courage and personal power, we rise to Anahata chakra the heart center, and from here, it’s a really nice transition. You keep the thumb and the little finger together. You release the other three and bring the heel of your hands together. This is awesome. Include Padma mudra. The Lotus mudra is to represent that lotus flower nestled in your heart. From here sounds a little odd position to the throat chakra. In turn your hands palm up. Interlace all your fingers with the fingers sticking up reminds me of sort of a water fountain or something. So that is for your throat chakra mission to chakra for hearing and speaking the truth. From there, you keep the fingers interlaced. But you turn the hands the other way up and close that, you know, wiggle out your middle fingers so they stay together. And this is for ashna the third I pasted insight and intuition.

Then the final chakra Sahasrara

the crown, you tuck those fingers back in and release just your little fingers out. So we’re going to put all of that together in a guided meditation. instead. If you need to just open your eyes at any point check on that merger. Please do Give my finding a comfortable seated position. It could be cross legged like I am kneeling or even seated in a chair. Bring the hands to rest comfortably on your lap. Starting with that first draft, bringing your thumb and your index finger, gently touch that you’re holding a grain of sand and open the other fingers. So there’s an awareness in your hand

closure I

take a moment to settle into your seat.

And you bring your awareness down to the very

base of your spine exactly where you’re sitting.

moolah jack Mooladhara chakra your root. You focus your mind on that contact of your fingers

on the plane to the base of the spine.

means we take three breaths here, thinking to yourself I am grounded safe and secure

and grounded,


and secure.

That feeling filtered through your whole body of knowledge that you are safe and secure.

You are pressing,

releasing that hand position,

bringing your awareness up to you hips now, the sad Asana chakra, the sacred chakra. to paste in your left hand,

scoops just in front of your bellybutton. Sit

your right hand directly on top of that.

Bring both of your thumbs to connect with one another. Soften your shoulder feel the sense of your body Down here in your hips in your power,

pace of creation and creativity.

We breathe into this area,

focusing on the position of your hand.

Channel the energy they’re

thinking just so I am creative, I am sensual

and I deserve to die.

I am creative.

I am sensual

and I deserve to shine.

One moment one more breath here.

Letting the hands relax,

bringing the awareness up to your navel center. Now,

you’re going to turn the hands the other way

up. Bring all of the fingers to touch and pressing those fingertips together evenly. The arms also quite active in this still relax the top of your shoulder. Pressing those things together to focus your mind concentrate on man, poor chakra, navel center. Feel your breath right there and your belly button. Breathing energy focus into the

core of your being.

As you think to yourself,

I am connected to my personal power.

I am connected

To my personal power, stay, Bri Connect.

Feel the energy at the core of your being.

Tomorrow more breaths right here and to navel.

Keeping the hands together just relax the effort. Keeping your thumb and little finger connected. Open the other fingers out. Bring the heel of your hand together making the shape of a flower something like chewed. Since this Padma merger represents the lotus flower in your heart

to shift your awareness up now

to the very center of your chest.

place of love, kindness and compassion.

you inhale in and down as a

filling this lotus flower

with love and kindness

and XL feeling it radiate around your body

as we breathe with your heart space

and thinking to sell.

I forget.

I choose to love and my heart is wide open.

I forget.

I choose to love

and my heart is wide open

channeling that breath into your heart center.

Relaxing to

bring the awareness up to three.

Tanya hands PAMA. Interlace your fingers with them pointing upwards like little jets of water from a fountain. Soften the shoulder. Those fingers pointing up towards your threat. Feel your breath in your throat. Maybe even use that audible ocean breathing new Jai breath

feeling your breaths well and in your


thing came to yourself. I listen

I speak my truth

and I deserve to be had.

I listen.

I speak my truth

and I deserve to be high

in one more breath swelling in your throat.

relaxing the hands keep the fingers interlaced, determined to point downwards and wiggle out your middle fingers and bring them to touch felt like a steeple. Relax the shoulder. Who those thing is pointing up. Towards the space between your eyebrows ashna Chakra that said I

imagine your breath the sense

of the breath coming in through your nostrils just drawing up to the top of your nostril.

near that said I

simply lay in the estimation of


I see.

I see.

I see

the seeing through your heart, rather than the eager I see see the true

three more breath here I see

the hands focus you channel your energy. You’re relaxing those middle fingers that then talk back in. Release. Now you lift two fingers in, keep the hands in front of your chest, and you can lift them up. So then nestled above the crown of your head if you prefer, takes a little bit of arm strength there so you choose. Get those little fingers rising straight up like an antenna. Representing Sahasrara chakra craft

a connection to the world outside of us that

you sent the very top of your

head and this rising energy thinking to yourself, I am can

Hi, I’m connected.

Take a few more breaths here.

Next exhale, relax the hands, separate them, let them flew down to your lap. Take one deep breath from the crown of the head all the way down to the base of your spine.

Inside Out and acts

of awareness into the present, wiggle your finger.

When you feel ready, flickering, your eyes open.

Thank you for doing this chat. Crap moods or meditation with me

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