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Hello Friends near and far and welcome to yoga with Adrian. I’m Adrian. Today we have a special meditation. This is a very simple practice. You don’t need anything but an open mind and an open heart. You don’t even need a lot of time. But we’re going to take a moment to go inward to connect with what matters most. We’re going to use the breath to soothe your soul. Find that inner calm, and of course, to find what feels good. Let’s balance it out, hop into something comfy, and let’s get started.

All right, my sweet friends. Let’s begin in a nice comfortable seat su casa. Now with the legs crossed, try to sit up nice and tall best you can and we’re just going to drop right in. So whatever you have going on today, whatever became whatever happened before this moment, whatever is going to happen after this, we’re going to really just allow that to dissolve. And we’re going to do our best for this very short time we have together to really just tap into the breath and quality of movement and essentially find our chill, going inward to seeing what that will do for us for the rest of our day, but for now, really into this present moment. So in order to do that, I’m going to invite you to close the eye and quietly repeat this mantra to yourself. I choose to let go.

I choose

to let go.

Sit up nice and tall. And one more time. Repeat this mantra Quietly to yourself, I choose to let go.

And start to listen to the sound of your breath

and start to relax the shoulders down.

begin to imagine space in between each vertebra. So the quality of energy that runs up and down the spine slowly starts to change even if just a little bit

and continue to notice the sound of your breath.

With the eyes closed, we just check out what’s going on inside.

Notice where you might be holding or gripping in the shoulders. Maybe Have you just let them drape down the back body. Maybe you’re gripping in the toes or the finger, maybe you soften.

Maybe you’re leaning a little forward and you could stand to tuck the chin and just lean back.

Then after you’ve taken a moment to notice what’s going on physically just take a moment to just very gently notice what’s going on emotionally in the present moment. This is really a way of just honoring and recognizing

the different kinds of intelligence of the body.

And please begin to notice an audible breath so this can be IE breath, or just a breath you can hear that you can really listen to

with the eyes closed, continue to listen to the sound of your breath. And see if you can connect the moment that the inhalation and the exhalation joined together. So great image is that of like an ocean wave. Yes. So the way rises and then it crests and it falls since we’re just going to be here with this ocean breath for a couple beads. Practice just really being present with what is

still in the body.

Welcoming that inner calm

in your natural state of peace that does exist within.

Sorry, we’re giving ourselves this opportunity

to practice doing absolutely nothing.

When your mind starts to wander,

you have the option of returning back to that old sound that ocean breath, finding that connection of the inhale

from the exhalation.

You also now have the mantra that you can repeat quietly to yourself. I choose to let go.

Continue to sit up nice and tall through the spine. And if you find that it might be slightly valuable, you can tap into a little inner smile here as you continue to breathe.

When you feel like you have a bit of a groove

make sure you’re not gripping or holding

will continue

to sit with ourselves with the support of one another and all the people practicing this

meditation this video

for two minutes

here we go. Deep breath in.

Breath out

One more minute. Continue to explore the breath. Don’t decide where it ends just as you do with your Asana. really lean into the breath, practice the pranayama here, let it guide you inward.


that the eyelashes open and draw your hands to your heart. Squeeze the shoulders up to the ears that have as tall as you can lift your heart. And then exhale, just allow the shoulders again to drape down the back body. Nice work my friends Awesome work returned this video anytime you need a little chill, a little calm. A little rescue remedy back inside, right? We just proved that we could kind of changed the chemical makeup of our body. You may not feel 100% better based on how you felt but hopefully you feel a little bit calmer, a little more connected to what matters most right. Thank you so much for sharing your time your energy, share this video with your friends so that we can all continue to explore this idea of self transformation and self love. So that then we can share that with the world. Thanks again. Take care. I want stay.

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