Meditation to Calm & Soothe


Hi, Yogi’s, it’s Laura. I hope you’re well I have a new meditation for you today. This is a meditation that soothes and settles your body, your mind but also works on your nervous system as well. So it is a mantra and the mood drop based meditation and teach you the mudra. Then I’ll teach you the mantra, and then we’ll put it all together. The merger is a little bit complicated, but it’s worthwhile putting in the effort to try and learn a really good hand move. So we’re starting to move draft. That’s when you have your thumb and your index finger touching. And the other thing is splayed out a little bit like an okay sign, you can always just do this one as well. Otherwise, keeping your hands in that Chin mutrah cross your wrists and your wrist across so that your hands are back to back. Keeping that chin mudra and then into interlace these other fingers. So interlace my little finger, my ring finger and then the middle finger. Take a moment to do that. Chin mudra back to back, the two finger, ring finger, middle finger. It’s also really good wrist stretch and finger stretch are great if you spend a lot of time typing. If that doesn’t feel right, for any reason, just come back to chin mudra. And meditation will still work. So now we’ve got a mudra. Let’s teach you the mantra. So the mantra is a very simple one of I’m Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. And Shanti means peace. So this mantra is about bringing peace to your mind, peace, your nervous system, peace to your home, and peace to the universe in your environment as a whole. It’s really powerful mantra. What we’re going to do with this mantra is we’re actually going to repeat it silently in your mind. And a silent mantra, I think is even more powerful is

it’s all about your intention.

As you inhale, you silently, think who were on As you exhale, you repeat the word Shanti Shanti Shanti as many times as your acts are lost and then you’ll begin again to find a comfortable, safe position with your hands in this hot seal, mudra or engine. allow your eyes to

relax your shoulders, relax your elbow.

Take a moment to settle.

And let’s establish the breath fast.

And bring the awareness to that breath slow and steady. Let’s play with imagining the direction of your breath. So as you inhale, imagine you’re during the breath up from the earth and up to the crown of your

head. And as you

exhale, the breath going down from the crown down to the might be the opposite to what you’re used to. has a settling soothing effect in how during the breath up from the earth up to your crown. accelerating down from the crown soothing and layering on this silent mantra. So as you’re in house thinking on drawing that on as you x out repeating Shanti Shanti Shanti and hitting up one long on sailing down Shanti Shanti Shanti stew eight more thirds breath silent needs

Adding in natural breath return and letting that mantra slip from your attention. The next inhale keeping your hands into mutrah but release them wide open up the chest open when XL during the pons together in front of the heart and Johnny matcha thank you for joining me for this meditation. I hope this brought some peace to your body and your mind today. Now my stay up

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